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Cube Candle • Fountain
Cube Candle • Fountain

Cube Candle • Fountain

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2021 New year summer edition, a cube candle with colours blue gradation

This cute little Cube Candle is hand-made at Soli Studios in Melbourne for you.

Each candle is uniquely made for you so no two candles are the same.

It is a candle made with the hope that we can find a little fun in our daily life a bit more as the time at home getting long! Give it to yourself or to friends, family and the loved one. x

• Weight: 180g

• Size: 6x6x6cm

• Burning time - 18 hours

• Made from 100% Soy wax 

• 100% Cotton wick

• Unscented

All products are Hand-made in Melbourne Soli studio

Please allow us 1-2 Days to ready to departure of shipping

*For all orders of Cube Candle, we will send it in a paper box. 

*All candles made from Soli studio are made of 100% soy wax, the frosting on the surface is a natural phenomenon of natural soy wax. When it mixed colors, frosting may become more prominent, so please consider to this before purchasing. If you want to avoid frosting, we recommend ordering cream color.