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Cube Candle • Cream
Cube Candle • Cream
Cube Candle • Cream
Cube Candle • Cream

Cube Candle • Cream

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This cute little Cube Candle is hand-made at Soli Studios in Melbourne for you.
Each candle is uniquely made for you so no two candles are the same.

It is a candle made with the hope that we can find a little fun in our daily life a bit more as the time at home getting long! Give it to yourself or to friends, family and the loved one. x

• Weight: 180g

• Size: 6x6x6cm

• Burning time - 18 hours

• Made from 100% Soy wax (464) With aroma oil
• 100% Cotton wick

4 types of scents available in Cream.

• Unscented
• Sandalwood ( Aroma Oil )
• Fig ( Aroma Oil )
• Geranium + Sandalwood ( Aroma Oil )

All products are Hand-made in Melbourne Soli studio

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For all orders of Cube Candle from October, we will send it in a paper box.